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Timber framed houses – beautiful, sustainable and affordable

Timber framed houses – beautiful, sustainable and affordable

It is a timeless style of house which has been with us for hundreds of years and is making a come-back in the 21st century. Why? Well, as aesthetically beautiful, durable, ecological and price competitive, it makes them one of the most desirable new builds available. 

Adam of says:

‘People are looking more and more to bespoke and tailor made homes which don’t have a detrimental impact on the environment. We work with sustainable materials such as Oak and Douglas fir sourced locally. The houses we build are mostly handmade to customers specifications, so our clients end up with a beautiful and unique product.’    

Timber framed houses are also ideal for people seeking a Scandinavian open plan lifestyle. Lydia bought and moved into her first timber framed home just over a year ago: ‘It’s a fantastic living space for raising my family in. The open plan downstairs gives the whole family shared time and is great for entertaining, whilst the individual rooms upstairs gives us all the time to ourselves that we need. It’s a great environment for my children.’

“our clients end up with a beautiful and unique home”   

Another aspect of the current ‘Timber Frame Revolution’ will be its impact in the future. Many of our ancient English Heritage houses that we admire today are made with timber frames. It is likely that many of the timber framed houses built today will have a similar effect on generations to come.  

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