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Little Tree Woodcraft are passionate about timber

We use locally-sourced green Oak and Douglas Fir

We pride ourselves on using traditional methods of construction

We are a small, agile company that moves fast, delivers on time and respects budgets

About us

Little Tree Woodcraft is a small and passionate company. We love all things natural that have been created by our planet. 

We specialise in design and build of timber products. We pride ourselves on employing traditional methods of carpentry and construction whilst using locally-sourced timber. We design and construct the following products – 

We believe that in order to achieve successful, timeless quality products, the following elements are essential:

  1. Good Design – Our small design team has over 20 years experience.  This wealth of experience allows us to deliver aesthetically pleasing designs for all of our creations.
  2. Experienced Tradesmen – Our timber frames are all made by hand in our yard using traditional tools and methods. Our experienced building team then join the project to sympathetically transform the beautiful frame into an elegant and luxurious home.
  3. One-to-one personal service – We enjoy working closely together with our clients, architects and other specialists in order to transform your dream concept to a reality, within the agreed budget and time frame.
  4. Project management– from start to finish the project will be overseen off-site to control budget and timescale as well as on site for safety, productivity and quality control.

Involving us early in the development of a project can often avoid costly redesigns. Our objective is always to ensure that we add quality and value at every stage of a scheme’s development. This is an approach that has gained us repeat business from many of our clients.

The People Behind the Business

My name is Adam. My father is a master carpenter and I watched and learned about carpentry from a very early age. I remember his workshop, the rack of tools and the curls of planed timber on the floor. Timber fascinates me. By the age of 18 I had completed my apprenticeship as a carpenter and by the age of 25 had built my first house. The first house went on to the next and more, working with domestic clients, architects, contractors and developers. The experience is always endlessly fascinating as no two projects are ever the same.

This passion runs through the veins of the team at Little Tree Woodcraft.

Our Professional


Oak Framed Garages

Ours Oak Framed Timber Garages are fully bespoke and perfect for storage, workshops, boatsheds and offices.

One bay barns:

  • One-Bay, “Gable” ends £8,000
  • One-Bay, “Gable” ends, internal log store £9.000

Two bay barns:

  • Two-Bays, with “catslide”, “Barn hip” ends £9,000
  • Two-Bays, with “catslide”, “Full hip” ends, open log store £11, 000
  • Two-Bays, with “catslide”, “Gable” ends £9.000

Three & Four bay barns:

  • Three Bays, with “catslide”, “Barn hip” ends, internal store, mullion window £14.000
  • Four Bays, with “catslide”, “Barn hip” ends, internal store, mullion window £16,000
Oak Framed Garages

1 Bay Oak Framed Garage
The Timber Framing Company - 1 Bay Oak Framed Garage

2 Bay Oak Framed Garage
The Timber Framing Company - 2 Bay Oak Framed Garage

3 – 4 Bay Oak Framed Garage
The Timber Framing Company - 3 - 4 Bay Oak Framed Garage


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Our timber frames are made by hand using traditional tools and methods

Therefore we have an implicit understanding of each and every part of your timber frame.

Flooring Solutions

Wooden Flooring

We can source and install almost any hardwood flooring to achieve any look.

Strip flooring – short strips of wood are arranged in line with each other to create a floor .
Plank flooring – Wide and longer planks are lined up to create the floor.
Parquet flooringParquet is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect. The name Parquet comes from the French word parqueterie and dates back to the mid to late 1600’s.


Lots of people pull up old carpets or vinyl and revealed a beautiful wooden floor. If you have done this we can help you to assess whether it is worth reviving and if it is we can provide you with the skills to make the most of it. We can sand, temper and apply finishes to bring the best out of your old floor and bring it back to life.
Sanding – Some old floors have been worn down and suffered impacts which can be filled and leveled so create an even surface.
Finishing – the addition of oils or other substances to bring out and restore the colour and grain of the wood.

Reclaimed Floors

We also offer the installation of reclaimed wooden floors if you have managed to source some exquisite old wood that needs up-cycling. Reclaimed wood creates a feeling of warmth with its dramatic colours and will enhance the character of any room needing a bit of the traditional alongside quality. If you’re looking for wooden flooring to complement your existing décor, or are starting from scratch and want something old and fresh then look no further and contact us today.


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